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Photographers 2019

Every year Nordic Light invite photographers from all over the world to join us in Kristiansund, Norway, and so far we have had the pleasure of presenting hundreds of emerging photographers as well as established photographers such as Anton Corbijn, Albert Watson, James Nachtwey, William Klein, Mary Ellen Mark, Greg Gorman and Sarah Moon.

Here we present this years photographers.


Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen was born in Norway in 1965 and started making fanzines and taking pictures of friends in punk rock bands in 1980, when 15 years old. In the 80s he continued shooting for bands and Norwegian music press, while also working in the darkroom at a daily newspaper in Oslo. 

In 1990 Andersen moved to New York to study at the International Center of Photography. His first solo exhibition was at Fotogalleriet in Oslo 1992, since then his work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in New Zealand, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Italy, Austria, Holland, England, Sweden, USA, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland.

Morten will publish his 20th photobook at this years Nordic Light.


Stuart Franklin

Stuart Franklin has been a Magnum photographer since 1985 and he has been working on a wide range of projects and books. In 2013 he turned more to a mix of personal work and teaching photography and he is now working on three books, with one published in March this year - Analogies.

The idea behind the book reaches far back into the history of thinking about photographs: to Walter Benjamin, in 1928, writing “News About Flowers”, where he describes the power of analogy in photography: “A geyser of new image-worlds hisses up at points in our existence where we would least have thought them possible… Only the photograph is capable of this.” Analogies, published on Hatje Cantz, is all about this, with its echoes to visual metaphor and the work of Tina Modotti, Edward Weston etc.


Dev Dhunsi

Dev Dhunsi is the winner of Fotografi's portfolio price 2018. The 22-year-old from Trondheim has in his project Terms and Conditions managed to describe difficult events and feelings in a personal and untraditional way.

This autumn Dev Dhunsi graduated from the Norwegian School of Photography, but in the middle of his studies in Trondheim Dev lost a good friend. The series is an insight into the processes the photographer went through and the result is a series between facts and fiction.

Throughout the past year, his work has become an unpublished book that has been presented at the photo festival in Helsinki, Landskrona Photo Festival and at Encontros Da Imagem in Braga, Portugal.


Uncertain States Scandinavia

Uncertain States Scandinavia are primarily an artist-led project that publishes and distributes a free quarterly broadsheet newspaper showing lens-based-art. Formed in 2016 by Tor Simen Ulstein, Astrid Gjersøe Skåtterød and Charlie Fjätström. Uncertain States Scandinavia is an offspring from Uncertain States London England, formed 2009 by Fiona Yaron-Field, David George and Spencer Rowell.

At Nordic Light U.S.S. will be publishing a dedicated paper for the festival and will present several of the features artist at the festival in Kristiansund.


Magnus Wennman

Magnus Wennman is one of Scandinavias most respected storytellers, and his work concentrates mainly on news stories and documentary filmmaking. He has worked in more than 70 countries around the world and has won prestigious photo awards, both in Sweden and internationally, including five World Press Photo awards, 16 Picture of the Year international awards, 11 NPPA:s Best of Journalism awards, and 57 Swedish Picture of the Year awards. He has been awarded "Photojournalist of the year" in Sweden five times.

One of his best known projects, «Where the children sleep», got international attention and was exhibited internationally, including Fotografiska in Stockholm. The project was also published as a book on Kerher publishers.

Wennman works as a staff photographer on Scandinavia’s biggest daily paper, Aftonbladet, and also does projects for National Geographic.


Hans-Olav Forsang

Hans-Olav Forsang has through a long career established himself as one of Norway´s most respected and influential photographers. He is best known for his time as a photographer and picture editor in Norway´s largest newspaper “VG”. Parallel to this, he has worked with several personal projects. Last year he finished his biggest project so far “HUMAN TONIC” which was completed as a book and exhibition. 

Hans-Olav Forsang has previously had a number of solo exhibitions in Norway and abroad, one of them under the auspices of the UN. He has received many national and international awards for his pictures and book projects. He was also the first Scandinavian who won "The Golden Eye Trophy" organized by the World Press Photo.


Erlend Berge

Photographer Erlend Berge grew up with Sunday school and bazaars at Heia prayer house in Ryfylke. He is a journalist and has worked at VÃ¥rt Land as a photojournalist in the last years.

In the summer of 2017, photographer Erlend Berge traveled through all of Norways counties and documented the Norwegian prayer house aesthetics. With the exhibition "Look, I'm Coming Soon!" The photographer wants to invite to the bazaar and Christmas tree party before the pastel colors are covered by white paint, the flannel logo is replaced by the projector and the prayer house has become a café.


Maria Pasenau

Maria Pasenau was born and raised in Mjøndalen, Norway, and she graduated from the Norwegian School of Photography in 2014. Pasenau has since exhibited her work in galleries and institutions internationally, including the exhibition “Faithless Pictures” at the National Museum of Norway and the exhibition “Early Works” at New Galerie in Paris. 

She has also functioned as in-house photographer for renowned youth culture magazine Recens Paper. Pasenau currently lives and works in Oslo.


Ingvar Moi

Ingvar Moi's large and dark landscape photographs meet small, intimate landscapes painted in tar. Created with more than 20 years between them, in very different sizes, colors and materials. But they communicate well together, and they are both from the vast open landscape he knows so well. To put these two directions together into one expression opens for a whole new conversation. For Moi, the open landscape on Jæren is both poetry and silence. Even when it is storming.

Ingvar Moi has created ideas and concepts for customers such as VG, Lotto, chocolate, bank, Hurtigruten and Viagra, and has won awards both here and abroad.


Julius Töyrylä

Julius Töyrylä is a 29-year-old photographer and artist from Finland educated at the Arts Academy in Turku.

«I have always been fond of miracles. One of those miracles is photography. From all the mediums that you can find from the field of arts, photography is most intriguing, diverse, divisive and the oddest. My work consists of these themes that photography has.

Through photography I can wonder; what is this world with all its darkness and its misunderstanding that it offers to a man. A Photograph is like a new born day.»


Cyan studio

CYAN studio er organisert som et samvirkelag og driver studio, mørkerom og fotogalleri på et nonprofit grunnlag. Cyan arrangerer en rekke utstillinger, kurs og andre aktiviteter, og i forbindelse med Cyans årlige portfolio-review vil årets deltakere delta med en  gruppeutstilling ved årets Nordic Light Festival. Her kan publikum stemme frem sin favorittportfolio som vil vinne en separatutstilling ved Fotografiets Dag på Preus Museum i Horten.


Julia Hetta

Julia Hetta’s photographs provide a glimpse of an alternative world, rich with the romance and quietude associated with classical painting. Working almost exclusively with natural light and long exposure times, Hetta imbues her subjects with a sense of serenity and power. Her use of light, color and texture transforms her fashion photographs into compositions of timeless enchantment.

Hetta is a graduate of the renowned Gerrit Rietveldt Art Academy in Amsterdam. Her editorial clients include Vogue Italia, British VogueAnOther and T Magazine and her commercial clients include Gucci, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and Jil Sander. In 2014, Hetta’s work was featured in the FOAM exhibition, Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next, showcasing the most exciting next-generation photographers working in fashion today.



AdeY is a multidisciplinary visual artist dancing between photography and performance. AdeY’s photographic works capture those little moments of social oppression, humour, isolation, anxiety and depression. It recognises that we not only change in relationship to our environment but that our environment adapts to what we become.

The images depict imbalances evident in contemporary society today by directly addressing issues of gender, normative behaviour and how society forces us to choose one direction or path. The subjects show our vulnerability, loneliness, strengths and expectations whilst highlighting the correlation between body and space.


Will Vickers

Will Vickers is a photographer, archivist, creative director, coach and painter based in Stockholm. He grew up in the north of England and graduated from the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design in London in 2014, with a BA in Fine Art.

His photographic work is based predominantly around personal, long term projects – often as a form of therapy, and to gain understanding of the subconscious mind. He has exhibited work in London, Melbourne, Oslo and Helsinki, amongst others, and his work can be found in several private collections around the world.


Jeff Cowen

Jeff Cowen (b. 1966) grew up on New York’s Upper West Side and graduated in Oriental Studies from New York University and Waseda University Tokyo.

Jeff Cowen uses only analogue photography in a variety of formats from 35mm to 8 x 10. All the prints are made in his customized darkroom and his study of painting and life drawing, has had a great impact on his concept of photography. The analogue image taken by the camera is not the final product, but marks only the starting point of the artistic reflection of the motif. His chief concern is not a return to the photographic past, but rather to explore and expand the limits of the medium from a present-day perspective.

Jeff Cowen has been represented by Michael Werner Kunsthandel in Germany since 2012.  His work are in numerous public and private collections. Recently, the private collection MAP from Bremen acquired a substantial body of Cowen’s work from the last 10 years.


Jon Gorospe

As one of the authors of the new european photography wave, Jon Gorospe has been exhibited and recognized by several public and private institutions in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, England, Slovakia,  Norway, Russia, Singapore or Japan.

His work is focused on new approaches to the idea of modern landscape. In his installations he mixes multiple techniques provoking different dialogues between the artworks.

He combines his work as a creator with the study and understanding of the image from a theoretical point of view. He collaborates in different projects as a curator and photo-editor.



Knut Rune Johannson har blant annet vunnet Fagpressens journalistpris i 2007 og har jobbet med reportasjer i fototidsskrifter i Norden tilbake i 1980 årene. Han har gitt ut en bok i samarbeid med Asker kommune og en bok om barndom på pedagogisk Forum i 2017. Har skrevet en bok om modig ledelse i 2011 og har holdt foredrag om autentisk ledelse i ca. 20 år.


Trude Bekk

Trude is a Norwegian artist with a BA in Fine Art from the London Metropolitan University and is currently finishing her MA at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. She believes that art has a vitally important role to play in informing and enriching modern political discourse. With her Master thesis project she is examining how the development of wind energy is affecting the environment and the indigenous people of Norway. Trude works with mixed media installation, and photography is a crucial component both in her research and in her exhibited artwork.


Marie Hald

Marie Hald (b.1987) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has a degree in Photojournalism from Te Danish School of Media and Journalism and also studied at ICP in New York City. Marie works as a freelance photographer around the world. 
Her work centers around social issues in documentary and portraiture. Marie has won a World Press Photo Award, Te Danish Picture of the year and other prizes for her long term project documenting the life of a danish mother of three, working in the sex industry. 
Exhibitions include Copenhagen Photo Festival, LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism and EPEA03.


Ola Rindal

The interest for photography led Ola Rindal to the photograph early in life and after assisting Tom Sandberg he applied to the University of Gothenburg and Konstfack in Stockholm. He graduated from the Photography and Film department at Gothenburg University in 1997 and have since then established him self as an fashion and art photographer in Paris. 

Rindals poetic imagery has been published in magazines like Purple, SSAW, Luncheon, Union, Apartemento and I-D.


Erik Gustafsson

Erik Gustafsson (b.1987) lives in Gothenburg, where he's currently studying at the masters program at Akademin Valand. He mainly works with the medium of photography and explores its material possibilities and limits, as he also draws upon its closely related questions around identity and coming in to being.


Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty

Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty was born in Oslo in 1960 and educated at Eastbourne College of Art & Design. She has published numerous books – f.ex. Kroppens Sug, Hjertets Savn (The body’s Lust, the heart’s longing, 1984),  Absolute Viking (2002) and Gay Kids (2008) – and participated in several exhibitions. 

She is represented in the Norwegian The National Museum and in Norway’s National Museum of Photography, the Preus Museum Collection.


Arvida Byström

Arvida Byström (b. 1991 Sweden, Stockholm) is a digital native with an intrinsic relationship to pink. Exploring femininities and its complexities, often tied to online culture, she travels in an aesthetic universe of disobedient bodies, selfie sticks and fruits in lingerie. Her photography and endless instagram scroll has been in art shows all over the world as she starred both behind and infront of the camera of numerous influential brands.


Rune Johansen

Rune Johansen have documented the norwegian people for many years, and his  books are among the best selling photo books in Norway. Last year a comprehensive retrospective book was published at Forlaget Press, deisgned by the photo book mentor Greger Ulf Nilson.

Johansens visual language is quite unique, and his square, color format has become his signature. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries both in Norway and abroad.


Keld Helmer-Petersen

The Danish photographer Keld Helmer-Petersen (1920-2013) was an international pioneer in artistic color photography. He was published in 1948, only 28 years old, with the book "122 Farvefotografier". Martin Parr has described the debut book as one of our most important photo books. 

In 1965 he presented the exhibition "Strukturer” in Copenhagen. With strong graphic imagery in black / white, it became Denmark's first exhibition of art photography. About 50 of the original pictures from that exhibition are shown under Nordic Light 2019.