Passion For Photography



Festival program 2019

This year the theme at Nordic Light was Nordic Now! We focus on Nordic photographers and have invited a wide range of photographers that represent the Nordic photography scene. The artist driven publication Uncertain States Scandinavia have also invited young Scandinavian photographers to a special issue of their magazine that will be published at the festival. Uncertain States Scandinavia will curate exhibitions and talks throughout the festival.

Gallery opening times May 7th to 9th: 17.00-20.00.

For more information about the photographers, have a look here.



18.00: Opening: Nordic Light kicks off with the opening show at the main lecture hall Caroline, where many of the lectures will be held the coming days. The opening show is free and open to all.
20.00: Festival bar, music and mingle: We gather at the festival café for food, drinks and opening of the exhibitions.



08.30: Morning movie, Caroline
11.00: Knut Rune Johansson & Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty,
13.30: Café talk with Signe Fuglested Luksengård,
festival café
15.00: Bruno Ehrs,
16.00: Rune Johansen,
17.00: Book signing with Rune Johansen,
festival café
17.30: Stuart Franklin, Caroline
19.00: Ansikt til ansikt with Magnus Wennman
, Caroline
19.00: Pecha Kucha
with Uncertain States Scandinavia, festival café
20.00: Beer tasting
with Hognabrygg, festival café
21.30: Concert
with Ole & Silje Huleboer, festival café



08.30: Morning movie, Caroline
10.00: Magnus Wennman,
10.00: Erlend Krumsvik,
Sunnmøre kulturnæringhage, festival café
11.00: Erik Roland: Book launch «Fluvial», festival café
11.30: Ola Rindal,
12.30: Book signing with Erik Roland, festival café
13.30: Uncertain States Scandinavia:
Talk with Will Vickers, Trude Bekk & Julius Töyrylä, Caroline
14.30: Documentary photography today:
Talk with Magnus Wennman, Marie Hald & Hans-Olav Forsang. Moderator: Stuart Franklin. Festival café
15.30: Uncertain States Scandinavia:
Talk with Maria Pasenau & Dev Dhunsi, Caroline
16.30: Book signing with Dev Dhunsi,
festival café
17.00: Uncertain States Scandinavia:
Talk with Adey & Jon Gorospe, Caroline
18.00: Marie Hald,
20.00: Uncertain States Scandinavia:
Talk with Erik Gustafsson & Charlie Fjätström, festival café
20.00: Ansikt til ansikt with Bunadsgeriljaen & Anja Cecilie Solvik, Caroline
21.00: Food, drinks, music & launch Uncertain States Scandinavia Nordic Light edition, festival café



08.00: Morning movie, Caroline.
10.00: Ingvar Moi, Caroline
11.30: Erlend Berge, Caroline
13.30: Morten Andersen, Caroline
14.30: Book signing with Morten Andersen, festival café
15.00: Jeff Cowen, Caroline
16.30: The photo book: Talk with Erlend Berge, Jeff Cowen & Morten Andersen, festival café
17.30: Hans-Olav Forsang, Caroline
18.30: Book signing with Hans-Olav Forsang, festival café
19.00: Pecha Kucha with Uncertain States Scandinavia, festival café
19.30: Ansikt til ansikt with Frode Grytten, Caroline
20.30: Food, drinks and music, festival café



09.30: Grip: Boat trip to the island of Grip, (separate ticket)
10.00: Guided exhibition tour
, gallery
11:00: Pecha Kucha with CYAN, festival café
12:00: Portfolio reviews, festival café