Passion For Photography

Join our team!


Join our team!

Our volunteers are one of the most important pieces in the puzzle needed to make Nordic Light International Festival of Photography happen. Many great people help out before, during and after the festival.

Do you want to join our crew?

We need people of all ages and backgrounds, with all types of skills and levels of work capacity. Becoming a member of our crew, does not mean that you are obligated to work during the festival.

By volunteering with us, you get several benefits, in addition to being part of a wonderful event. Among other things, you get discounts on books and the possibility to earn a volunteer festival pass.

We need volunteers to all kind of tasks. We organize the work in different groups, such as exhibition, festival office, event staff, hospitality staff, food and beverages, photo/video and so on.

Being a part of the volunteer crew you will get to know our fantastic crew and we can guarantee a wonderful experience and that you will meet new and exciting people in an inspiring environment.

We host regular events for our volunteers, so we all can get to know each other and share experiences. And everyone is welcome!

Are you already excited and want to join our amazing crew? Click the button below to go to our registration form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.